Saturday, August 4, 2012

WRC Finland

Finland is awesome with fast turns over blind crests and "yumps", the drivers have to be totally committed and trust they're pace notes to go fast.  Why Finland is awesome:

Been a lot of off's this year it seems.

He was actually able to continue after that last one, but the car didn't look so good.

A crossmember broke and made Ken Block crash.  Maybe this moment from the day before had something to do with it.

Pretty cool to watch his helmet cam from testing though, shows how fast they really are going through the trees.

Onto MTBing Darren Berrecloth is pretty rad...opposite 3 lookbacks on a big bike?

Sun Peaks looks like a cool place.

Silvia - Sun Peaks with Matty and Karl on Pinkbike

Highland shredding.

Rapid Fire: Kyle Strait, Scrubbin' Jumps and Foldin' Knobs - More Mountain Bike Videos

Edit:  Just saw this sweet Clint video too.

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