Monday, August 27, 2012

VT Living

Drove up to Marley's place in VT for the weekend with Bubba, its awesome up there with a much more relaxed pace of life and beautiful scenery all around.

Me and Bubba got there after it had gotten dark so we set up the tent on the ramps and took a few night runs with the headlamp.  It was amazing to see the whole ramp in the light when we woke up the next day.

When you get to the house you would never even know there are ramps in the backyard...but sure enough you walk out into the field and there it is.

Some of it isn't plyed yet and most of it is single ply but man this place is gonna rock...lines and transfers for days.  Shawn wasn't riding but was psyched that people got transfers done that he had been looking at.  It was a good session with myself and Bubba as well as Kevin, Mouse and Todd (who we met up there) all riding even though it was hot as falk.  We also helped move some wood around.

I love VT.  Scenic, relaxed, awesome roads, fresh food, nice people and weather.  Place is sweet and I'd definately like to live up there some day.  Thanks again to Shawn for being a great host and you better believe we're heading up again the fall when the weather is a little cooler!  Just watch out for these guys.

This is an article on getting trails legalized (about Catty and Posh).

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