Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Up to Highland again...someone there mentioned how as soon as you enter the parking lot its like a timewarp, and its true...2 days flys by in a second up there with so much fun shit to do.  You know its gonna get good soon when you see this:

So much to do like ride little bikes in Sherwood and the new pumptrack/beginner line (wish I had gotten a pic its gonna be/is awesome and the jump line isn't even started yet!), ride big bikes, hike around, take night runs, see old friends, drink heady topper, feed chimpmunks, dodge river rats.  And there are (were) even fresh hops to be harvested!

Hell there are even big bike trails to ride that will leave you smiling like an idiot wondering what line to take next and where they all go:

Or ones that will scare the crap out of you in some places. (make sure to change both of these to HD)

Unfortunatley the night run gopro footage looked exactly it did in real life...meaning that you can hardly see anything. I might post the footage of the drop we did though. And thanks again Rob!

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