Monday, June 18, 2012

Rad Balls Air Sack

Another sick weekend at Highland hitting the Ayr Bag, lighting off fire works on top of the hill, doing tons of DH runs, hitting up Sherwood, riding the HTC, grilling and doing a ton of other cool shit with Rob.

Bubba training for the XGames

First time I've used the Gopro with the fullface so I had it pointed too far down and at my nose somehow? New bike is awesome and so are Hellion and Cat's Paw.  Vimeo won't let me upload Cat's Paw yet, I'll post it when I do....actaully f that here they are on youtube just go HD.

Hellion 1 from craig on Vimeo.

Hellion 2 from craig on Vimeo.

To make those videos look super pussy check out how big some of these drops are.

Scotty Cranmer video, I don't care about much of it but the moto whip 3 at 2:37 is sick.

Saw this on prettyshady.

And this.

And finally new POWS = so rad.

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