Wednesday, June 13, 2012

10 days

without an update, I wish that meant I was having fun doing something but instead I've been working OT at my miserable job, but at least there are escapes from it.  Did attend a couple car things this weekend though.  First up was the Scion FR-S test drive at Gillette Stadium, they basically set up a very narrow auto-x course and let you rip the FR-S around for 2 laps.  Very fun and the car feels amazing, not the most powerful thing in the world (especially coming from the STi), but I would definatley buy one for a fun car if I had the money.  There was a pro driver there as well who was nice enough to take me for a ride, its amazing what this car is capable of in the right hands.

Then Sunday was Wicked Big Meet, the biggest Subaru meet in North America.  All kinds of vendor booths, show cars, and just cool cars in general (and not just Subarus).  I wish I had taken a lot more pictures.

But I still can't wait to ride some bikes, it feels like its been forever, mostly because last weekend my tire decided to go flat before I could even think about riding last weekend.  But these both got me pretty psyched.

Also this picture from the Circuit blog is sick!

Bikes this weekend, heading up to Highland to shred the new big bike seeing as I haven't had time for that lately either.

There is a MTB kickflip in this.

And finally if you ski or snowboard you have probably seen this gap in videos...the POV of just straight airing it is insane, I can't imagine what it must of been like to do some of the tricks that have happened on it.

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