Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sticky dirt

We're finally getting the rain the a normal spring usually brings around here, and its doing great things for the dirt at the trails.  While digging yesterday I found myself wishing there were more lips that needed dialing because the dirt was so easy to work with and came out looking so good.  Got dark before I could take pictures though.

I saw this one from CTY on build the woods and its a good picture to look at instead.

Kind of a weird time of year for videos too, seems like everyone is dialing the trails so there aren't many bike videos, and snowboard season just ended or is coming to a close so there are a bunch of good snow this one.

And its raining again today so get out there and work on some trails.

Edit:  Why don't I combine bike and snow?  This is pretty sick.  Barspins on this thing look like a helicopter.

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