Monday, May 7, 2012

Not much to say

Except yesterday was nice and a good session was had in the woods, today is nice too but its not the weekend unfortunately.

Here's an apparently old picture from the Back 9 I saw posted on Nice! Brand's facebook (aka Nick), man everything looks so small, empty and spaced far apart!

Bobby sent this old photo he found collecting computer dust.  He’s like 14 in this photo.  The first time I met Bobby was at a shitty pre-fab skatepark in New Bedford, MAssachusetts and he was killing this spine.  The image below is from that day.  It’s not Bobby but it is a photo of the spine he was shredding.  This is from a zine I used to make, Holeshot.

Enjoy the nice weather today because its supposed to rain all week again, good for stacking and dialing at least!  Off to drink some fresh heady topper now.

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