Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Maul's Balls

I mean brawl.  I applaud Dick Maul for putting this on because the local scene does need contests, but what I disapprove of is you can hardly tell who is who because everyone does the same damn tricks and no one stood out as being original.  Almost every clip (in this particular video at least) involves a tailwhip, barspin or flair...yawn.

Maybe I've become just a salty old guy (no maybe about it) but this shit is so boring.

I also just saw that Killington got 19" yesterday and today and Jay Peak got over a foot, wtf mother nature?  I'm finally over the winter and now its winter again?  If it is I need to find some transportation...

Freestyle skier Jon Olsson's amazing Audi R8 ski car (© Jon Olsson)

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