Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Booster Rooster

Man Clint can boost stuff, photo from the Credence site in case you don't believe me.

Thousand Yard Stare Magilla section.  I still remember watching RF3 and being amazed at watching Magilla and Stauffer ride the trails, so smooth and effortless.  This section makes me really want to get out into the woods and ride some trails.

Since we're going old schools heres a Joe Rich interview from 2008, this one is for the dumbfounded kid that didn't know T1 was a brand.

I'm only posting this Biz section to stay with the past theme, I remember watching him do a "bunnyhop whip" over a roller at the trails in the first square one video and being blown away, look how far BMX has come.

Here's the video (Wide Awake Nightmare) for anyone younger reading this, or if you just never saw it.

Bmx SquareOne - by shilomrob

This is an amazing photo by Ryan Worcester, in fact this whole piece on Dig is amazing.  He speaks amazingly candidly about BMX.   It also has the quote "...BMX (is) a lighthouse for misfits and lunatics" true.  I'm suprised more people that ride aren't also into skiing/snowboarding too.  To me it just fits, pretty similar sports, not to mention when it gets too cold to ride I'd rather go play in the snow than get snaked by Johnny Tailwhip and suck dust at an indoor park.  But seriously just go look through the feature on Dig, if you rode BMX in the early-mid 2000's in New England you will especially like it.

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