Monday, March 12, 2012


Gym, trails, lap dances...yep.  Another fun weekend.  Went snowboarding on Friday night at Wachusett and the first couple runs were really bad, like ice and water everywhere bad, after dinner they groomed a few things and it got better, then a few runs later it started doing this thing where white stuff falls from the sky, snew or something I think its called.

Then Saturday and Sunday were both trails days because its already super warm out, mmm drinking some Heady Topper at the trails when its 60 out mid march is a good time.

It wasn't all just beer drinking and safety meetings though, we've been getting a lot done and lets just say the Back 9 is going to be looking different this year. 

And here are a couple pictures from Mt. Mansfield because I forgot to post them before.

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