Friday, February 10, 2012

Whooooaaaaa sometimes...

Human senses are a cool thing.  Its crazy that seeing a picture or video, or smelling a smell, or whatever, can bring you back to what something feels like.  Example; watching this Villij video I can imagine myself flowing through the trails, railing berms, smelling the fire burning while I whip past it and hear friends heckling and having a good time.  And almost feels real, but its a feeling I miss right now, even though this year it lasted far longer into winter than usual.

Or looking at this picture I can still feel what its like floating and slashing through thigh deep powder as snow comes up and hits you in the face temporarily blinding you in a white cloud.

But its not real, and while I can imagine doing it and feel what its like, its just not the same.  Nothing compares to the real thing.  And thats especially true as I sit here at work and type this feeling like I'm trapped, until the weekend comes and I get that feeling again and won't have to get my fix through videos and pictures! 

I like that feeling better than this one.

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