Thursday, January 12, 2012

Messed up, speak up

I'll start with a video of the Casselberry Trails.

71n Trails Session with Subrosa's Mark Mulville - More BMX Videos

Circuit shared this article and people need to look at it, its about the Casselberry trails getting plowed (and the govt putting a lien on the dude's house) because of his trails. The worst part is they won't speak on camera and don't seem to have any proof they gave him any citations. Just read the article.

Its too bad that people are willing to ruin another's hard work for seemling no reason and it seems to happen to trails more and more.  I see about the noise complains an so on, but do they not realize that this won't solve the problem?  People will just go somewhere else and start the cycle again and put in more hard work just to see it ruined by someone that doesn't understand.

I guess what everyone that digs can get out of it is enjoy the trails because just like everything in life there's no gaurantee they'll be there tomorrow.

On a more positive note there are some pretty cool transfer lines in this video.

Tomas Kudrnac L.E.S. Trails from David Lorenz on Vimeo.

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