Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Warren Miller does Tuckermans

Not the actual man, but Warren Miller films does a segment of their upcoming movie at Tux which I guess they've never featured before.  If you don't know Warren Miller is probably the most well know director (?) of ski movies ever.  He's been doing it for at least 30 years and I remember my Dad always talking about his movies.  Granted most of them are lame as hell by today's standards, but thats what was cool at the time.  Anyways pretty cool they go to Tuckerman.  I am seriously pissed that I didn't make it last year, and the fact that I've never been despite hearing about it my entire life is just sad.   It is truely a classic new england ski...I was going to say descent but Tux is so much more than that. Time to start getting the legs in shape now I guess, its only about 4 miles and 4256 ft vertical...no biggie.

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