Thursday, November 17, 2011


Another good video on Deluxe, from WA.  I like the boosting, the wild style 1 foot x up, and the night digging.  I've been doing it lately and I'd reccomend to never shape anything important by headlamp because chances are you'll need to redo it when you can actually see.

This avalanche control video is pretty cool.

And since I forgot to post about it the other day there's been a lot going on in the WRC. First Hirvonen spun on the second day of Rally GB, and in doing so put a stick through his radiator, to give the driver's championship to Loeb. The next day Loeb had a head on collision with a spectators car on a road section that damaged his radiator and took him out, but he still had the championship.

Then it comes out yesterday that Hirvonen is leaving Ford and moving to Citroen, and that Ogier is not returning to Citroen for next season. So this makes Citroen's team Loeb and Hirvonen, the two major drivers that have been fighting with each other the past couple year.

I think Mikko started to see the writing on the wall at Ford that Latvala, after showing many improvements this year, has finally reached a point where he will the number one driver for Ford. But there is still an opening on Ford and its a tricky position. They could take Ogier to have 2 of the best young drivers, but he caused a lot of in fighting on Citroen this year, but in all fairness he was treated unfairly IMO. Or they could take Solberg which would be good, but I'm not sure he'd make for the best team mate. The two of them have been linked to both Ford and Volkswagon so it'll be interesting to see. I doubt Ogier would go to VW since it basically means taking a year off and he's really found his pace this past year. I'm sure most of you don't care but I think that WRC might be the most interesting "sport" out there right now.

If you read throught that congrats (and even more so if you understood it) so here's a couple videos from GB. It might be the most interesting rally on the WRC calender because its always run in rain and mud.

This is crazy that they let these cars continue through this part.

Oh and Drew Bledsoe is starting a ski company, I only posted that because he lives in WF and almost moved into my neighborhood when I was like 12.

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