Friday, October 14, 2011

Rainy Friday

Boring rainy Friday, trails are soaked already but at least its good for digging new stuff and dialing, and it should be a pretty nice fall weekend here in NE, the best time to ride trails.  Speaking of which I saw this old Dialed603 video on digmore and I like it a lot because its got dialed trails, fire, and riding in the fall.

The beginning of the video says 09 and its pretty crazy how different some stuff is from when we visited a year later.  Those trails are a work of art.  I know I've posted these videos before but whatever.

That reminds me that Jake is crazy, I think everytime I've seen him ride trails he makes it though clean first try, most of the time without even following anyone, I wish I could do that.

I just saw this MTB video and holy shit there is some rowdy stuff in here, ignore the boring watch footage and look at how big/steep some of that stuff is. If you're not into MTBing skip to about 2:30 to see some crazy shit. I feel like Cam Zinc used to ride BMX, maybe it was a different one.

*Edit*: Here's a picture of his back wheel after landing, and I can see why. Looks about as close as you can come to looping out without actually doing it.

This one is cool too, I can't hear what they're saying but the clip at around 3:25 is really cool, hate to be the second guy through though.

And just to make everyone cringe, its almost time to buy passes/gear for the winter! Woohoo gonna be a good one this year I hope. Sugarloaf, Jay Peak, and Montana are calling me.

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