Friday, October 28, 2011

It's here

Well, I'm not sure how to take this.  It snowed last night in SE MA coating the lawn pretty good, and even a little accumulation on the road (which was fun with bald performance summer tires on the highway).  So what does this mean?  Is winter here for good now?  Is this a sign we're going to get hammered with cold and snow this winter?  Will it be 70 before winter "really" starts?

Whatever the answers are I'm not ready for any of it yet.  Snow is a great thing in the winter, and I love to enjoy the activities that it brings.  However snow in October isn't as much fun.  Haven't prepped the trails for winter yet, just got the mountain bike fixed, and all the winter gear is still burried away in the closet.

So I guess lets just hope that it goes back to a normal end of fall and we can enjoy riding dialed fall trails next to a fire with no bugs.  Oh and by the way I heard an estimate of 4-5" of accululation in SE MA is possible tomorrow, lets just forget about that part for the time being...

Edit:  Saw this picture on Famous Internet Skiiers...damn!  Thats probably around Mt. W somewhere.  I heard Killington got 12" of fresh too.  Time to wax the snowboards I guess!

Double edit:  That pic is actually from Killington, thanks Female Ski Bum for the correction.  Wish I lived up there!
earn you candy bars!


  1. Actually - that photo is from Killington in Vermont!! Our first snowstorm on Thursday or Friday. What an awesome day that was :)

  2. Thanks for the correction, looks fun as heck, esepcially for October!