Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Deez jumpz iz big

Elliot Van Orman coming through with another rad short much better than most other people's "web edits."

Cumby Dudez in the Woodz is cool too. Bubba is a ginga ninja.

And since I'm stealing stuff from the circuit blog this Profile trip is pretty sweet seeing them rip up some local spots.  Speaking of which I thought the east prov shaws spots was closed down but they ride it at the end of the second video?  Pretty sure Degnan barspunnded (on video its posted here somewhere way back) that huge gap over the sidewalk off that ledge that Jeff K jumps too...crazy ass Degnan.

Profile Racing New England Shop Tour 2011 from Profile Racing on Vimeo.

Profile Racing New England Shop Tour Part Two from Profile Racing on Vimeo.

I don't understand why Vimeo puts autoplay as part of their embed codes.

Probably been out for a while but the nosebonk stuff at the T1 ramp is crazy.

Go to for more videos.

And this hang five to frontflip makes me not sure if bike riding is real life or a video game now a days.

Saw both those last ones on prettyshady which is a sweet site if you didn't know.

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