Monday, October 10, 2011

Another good weekend

ruined by having to go to work on Monday (and its Columbus day, a fraud holiday but I still want it off).  Oh well someday I hope to have a job that doesn't feel like work.  Anyways it was a good weekend, got stuff done at the back 9, got stuff done at the clubhouse, even rode some bikes and filmed with the gopro. 

Just saw this video on Deluxe, they're uploading the sections from their DVD and they've been good so far.  I love the giant downhill roller berm in there.  Unique stuff at the trails is the best.

Edit:  Speaking of downhill berms I just saw this on Deluxe too and these trails look a-freakin-mazing.

Eddy Dempsy from damian conolly on Vimeo.

And here is some POV going through there, these might be the only trails I've seen that look bigger on the gopro than the normal videos.  These things are awesome, esecially the whip @ 1:24 and the air the guy in front gets @ 2:22.

Untitled from damian conolly on Vimeo.

I really like the passing and split off lines too.

And because that video was posted on Digmore I started looking around and found this sickness.  How do you jump a conrete spine on a moped?

In fact digmore has made me edit this post about 5 times because I keep seeing sick stuff on there. street = crazy now, I never imagined half of this shit was possible. 180 to backwards crooked UP a rail to hard 180 out? WTF?

And since I don't have any other good pictures or videos (well I didn't when I orignally posted this), check out this crazy cock mushroom I saw at the trails.  Never seen anything like it down there before.

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