Thursday, September 29, 2011

You suck Loeb!

No one can deny how talented a driver Sebastien Loeb is, but I hate his cocky attitude and smugness (is that a word?) so I was more than happy to see him finally crash out on the first day of Rally Australia a couple weeks back and to see Mikko Hirvonen close the gap in the championship to a mere 15 points by winning.  And watching Ogier (another cocky Frenchman) crash out 2 stages later was icing on the cake.

Rally France starts today and seeing that Loeb is from France (as well as Ogier), and more specifically the region the rally is centered around I'd say he has a pretty big advantage.  Last year he was able to secure the championship there, mostly by taking rediculous cuts and throwing mud onto the asphalt to make the following driver's lives miserable.  Well this year the event organizers put poles in some of the places people were taking cuts and wouldn't you know it Loeb crashed into one and damaged his car on the recce, ha!

Perhaps his luck is changing, then again he was fastest in the shakedown and has a history of coming back very strong after crashing out of previous rallies.  This year is really shaping up to be interesting now though, and it should get even better with Mini joining in full fledge next season.

Edit:  And who from Canada is searching mountain bike fuck on google and coming here?  lol

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