Monday, August 1, 2011

"But you can hardly tell the difference between the guys and girls"

That's what Tony Hawk said during women's street and I'm not so sure he was talking about skill-wise, I think he meant looks also.  Other shit happened at the xgames too, but I really doubt anyone cares that much.

Highland was awesome this weekend, despite tweaking my ankle dodging a tree in Sherwood within 10 minutes of riding making it tough to walk, but at least I could still ride.  The trails Happy Hour and Hellion are so much fun there once you learn the trail a little bit, or try to follow Rob but I usually can't keep up.  Perfect flow and huge jumps into berms and all kinds of stuff.  Rob hooked it up big time and made the place even better once again, thanks buddy.  We even got to watch shooting stars and fireworks from a nice spot on the mountain with stone table and benches to sit at.

Rob gets pretty crazy there himself, he was moving around the freebird lips when we got there and he decided he'd better try it out, if you can't tell that thing is pretty damn big.  In the second video he decided to to a nacnac to nacnac lander, that just how he rolls.

The food is great up there and everyone loves the guys at Highland because they bring business into the small town.  On the way out the the breakfast place we spotted this gem that had different scenes on both sides of the tank.

Unfortunately Rob got a text while we were up there that someone cut the chains at Milford, but watered the jumps?  Wtf?  I don't understand why anyone would cut the chains they're not even really to keep people from riding, more to keep out the motorized vehicles or Milford weirdos.  Time to do some detective work and find out who did it, I know one thing I wouldn't want to have to answer to Rob!  Have some respect for people's hard work.

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