Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rumpel Sketchspin

Andrew basically made me change the title to this post and frankly his suggestion was too good not to change it...

Anyways its been hot lately (bet you didn't know that) so barely anything has been done at the clubhouse, but one thing we modified was the foam pit, its more of a step up landing deal now and you can get going into the berm much easier now.  It happens to a good place to learn stuff, or if you're Andrew, a good place to do a barspin to onehander manual lander.

The new foampit is bigger then it looks in video, here are more of Andrew traininglike the Gravity Games are coming back, maybe hes trying to learn some tricks to impress KROB?

The last one is pretty impressive, 2 whole tricks, but nothing as good as the sketchspin.

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