Sunday, February 20, 2011

Watch out for trees

I hit one a few weeks ago and my hip is still bruised and swollen.  Here's Andrew doing his best to avoid one on the new snow bike.

And some other snowbike clips from my phone...

It is pretty damn fun once you get the hang of it, I still like snowboarding better though.  Speaking of which I went to Waterville Valley friday and had an awesome time with no lift lines, 50 degree conditions (I didn't even wear gloves), and cool hits on the side of Oblivion and in the woods (and the chair lift).  Headed to Whitefish, MT in less than a week and the forecast has them getting snow almost every day this week, I'm hoping for some epic storms while I'm out there.  Out there instead of watching for trees you have to watch for tree wells, scary shit.

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