Monday, December 6, 2010

team flyout

Trails are done for the year, frozen pretty good and it looks like its gonna get even colder this week, so c'mon snow.  Its actually flurrying out now.  Imagine this beast being your tow in for the snowskate, and hes bigger now, I'm sure Andrew has some more videos.

Reggie from craig on Vimeo.

Me, stingtang, Bubba, Skychief and Rob managed to brave the cold and ride pawt park the other day, should have filmed something or taken pictures but there were too many kids doing flyouts to do anything.  I understand trying to learn shit but damn.

Then rode Bubba's basement, it takes some getting used to again but the weirdest shit is the most fun to ride.  Gonna be a sweet setup soon.  Check out this old video of the basement back in the day.

Bubba's Basement from craig on Vimeo.

Kinder made this sick Degnan video, that manual barspin and the last trick, damn son!  And he can do dirt jumps!

John Degnan AK Clips edit from ak clips on Vimeo.

Time to watch the Jets vs Patriots game, I feel bad for anyone thats there tonight, their going to freeze to death.

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