Saturday, November 27, 2010


You might have noticed the name stingtangclan as the author of the last post, that would be Andrew the newest contributer to clubhousebmx and contributing slacker at the clubhouse since we took over there. Speaking of which here are some pictures of him from 2008 about 2 weeks after we started digging there.

Possibly the most work hes done at the trails

Anyways, damn its been cold lately, I guess its Thanksgiving so the cold weather is right around the corner. Snow tires went on the car yesterday.  Wachusett opens tomorrow.

Still trying to get shit done at the trails, its been nerve racking with hunters out there shooting non stop, even all through the day.  The trails are in close enough to the houses that it shouldn't be a problem, but a nice BOOM every once in a while certainly wakes me up.

Still needs a lot of work, and there's not enough time to do it this year.  See that root in the landing too?  It was a bitch to cut out the first time, and now it needs to be cut back again.

And its attached to this huge tree, hopefully she can spare a few roots to help the trails and not fall, knock on wood.

Not sure whats worse, roots like that or rocks at milford, this is a small one.

Been some cool sunsets lately...

Vic posted this sweet video:

Mix Fall Footage from Circuit BMX on Vimeo.

At least with the weather getting cold its time to prep the snowskate/snow bike park, and a few other nearby shred spots.  I think a few people are planning on making snowbikes this year which is rad,I plan on trying to make one myself.  Andrew's from last year was pretty easy to make and worked reasonably well.  Blame the crappy footage on my old phone.

Well, it worked when he wasn't crashing on it.

Snow skating and snowbiking are more fun than indoor parks in the winter IMO (more to come on that later), and don't forget about snowboarding in the winter too, I already have my season pass to Wachusett, and plan on going up north a bunch, and a Montana trip in either January or March.

Anthem II premier at Circuit in a few hours, should be fun!

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